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Thursday, 17 November 2016

hyperemesis gravidarum

I know it seems like a pretty odd milestone week to do a pregnancy update but I feel like I should start now because if my memory serves me right, at this stage with Ella the changes from week to week were so vast that if I leave it until my 8 month update so many things may have happened.

So without going into the fine detail over the past 7 (and a bit) months I've been keeping fairly okay. I say this even though most people would say I've had yet another horrible pregnancy but all I can compare it to is my first one with Ella and for those of you who know how things were then - anything is better.

I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum; (HG) 'complication of pregnancy that is characterised by severe nausea and vomiting such that weight loss and dehydration occur.'  It's often summarised as 'acute morning sickness' which is slightly amusing since that would only be accurate if it was restricted to the morning as the title suggests. How about morning, noon, night and 7 months later sickness? Or at least that's what I had to deal with in my first pregnancy. I can sense the ability to go off on a tangent here on my experience with HG, there's so much content I could write on it despite it being almost 2 years ago. Let me know if you'd be interested in knowing my story I would happily write a dedicated post or film a chatty video for my channel.

pregnant photo

So as much as the severity of the HG I suffered from this time around was moderate in comparison, it was still horrendous. Add a baby into the mix and some days were unbearable. It was a vicious circle of:
 1.Throwing up
 2. Lack of appetite/scared to eat in the fear of throwing up some more
 3. feeling drained of energy because of points 1 & 2

Luckily (if you can call it luck) my doctor is very aware of how I suffer from HG and as recently as 2 weeks ago prescribed me with some more anti-sickness medication. I can go for a few weeks sometimes feeling pretty normal and then it just hits me one day and I'm way back at square one. I'm back on top of things now so let's keep our fingers crossed that I'm not going to go through another blip anytime soon!

Since I'm still working, albeit part-time, I'm shattered most evenings. I say this on the rare occasion where I'm actually awake to see past 10pm but that's because I'm not long home. Had I been sat on the sofa all night I can almost guarantee I'd be presently studying the back of my eyelids having failed yet again to watch through an episode of I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of Here! I'm just trying to  listen to my body. When I'm tired I sleep - where I can.. I'm fortunate that Ella is in a good sleep routine. She goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps for 12 hours so often I like to copy her sleep pattern or at least that's what I like to call it. I can tell the Ash 4 months in the future is going to look back at this post with complete envy at the written evidence that I used to have 12 hours sleep - or even sleep at all?!
glasgow blogger

At my last appointment my midwife said baby boy is 'breach'. As soon as that word is mentioned, naturally alarm bells start ringing. It only always has negative connotations so I was a little confused why she thought that with this long to go it was even worth describing his position as breach. He has lots of time to turn. If nothing else it explains the constant annoyance that is acid reflux. Honestly I'm sure if I was to breathe hard enough fire would come out my mouth like a dragon. The only thing I could say that is keeping me going is my best friend Eilidh (here's her blog) suffered with horrendous heartburn & acid reflux in her pregnancy and little Oliver was born with the most impressive head of jet black hair, seriously check out her blog for the pictures he's adorable! So if the old wives tale is true then I could be set for sharing the hairdryer with another man in this house sooner than I thought!

I'm definitely feeling bigger second time around. So far I've put on half a stone which I think is fairly average at this stage. Although they say baby is probably weighing around 3lbs at this stage when you take into consideration the extra water weight etc I think I've actually been quite fortunate! It's probably all just damage limitation for the free reign I plan on giving myself over Christmas, the diet start in January, right?

So far so good on stretch mark watch. I practically glide into bed every night having applied every lotion and potion I have. If Fraser were to give me a cuddle I'm sure I'd scoot right out of his arms!! Instead I'm enjoying being the big spoon & baby likes to give his daddy little kicks on his back. I'm not going to hold my breath though, realistically there's only so much you can really expect your skin and body to cope with. The odd stretch mark or whatever on my tummy really wouldn't both me, I'm not sure I'd really suit the Christina Aguilera 'dirty' low rise chaps and belly top combo even if it came into fashion anyway!

We are going to be starting the little one's room shortly. I'm going to vlog the whole transformation as it's a total rip out! We are having an attic nursery that you access through a staircase in our bedroom. I've been going a little overboard on Pinterest with ideas, I just can't wait to get everything finished now - it's so exciting!! So stay tuned for the first instalment of Project : Nursery on my channel here!

Oh, did I mention I finish for maternity leave in 4 weeks...? I. CAN'T. WAIT.

6 comments on "29 WEEKS | PREGNANCY UPDATE"
  1. Hang on, you don't like low rise chaps? *crosses idea off christmas list*

    You've been a trooper in both pregnancies, no idea how you've managed to function with HG! You look amazing!

    1. Just as well you're not my secret santa, do you even know me at all? Motherhood has changed you - hussy!! Haha thank pal, all worth it in the end. Not long till our mat leave, 4 weeks & counting! xx

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