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Friday 2 December 2016
how to make lips bigger

I've recently noticed my Instagram blow up with lots of girls using the 'NUDE by Nubyen' Lip Augmentation Gloss & their results look amazing! Since lip products are kind of my thing, I was so excited when Nubyen got touch with the opportunity to review this product for myself! Having tried lots of lip products with claims to boost your pout and never been that impressed, I was hoping this wasn't going to be another fad that I'd fallen for in a bid to get a Kylie Jenner kisser.

I'm a total sucker for cute packaging, aren't we all? So I wasn't disappointed when I opened this cute little tube in the mail. The sleek, monochrome design made me instantly fall in love with Nubyen's whole branding concept - it's so simple yet effective. Inside there's a 2.5g lipgloss & a few little leaflets about the ingredients.


Basically, it's a clear gloss that can be applied over lipstick or used alone to amplify and intensify the volume of your lips. It does this with the use of natural ingredients :- cinnamon, lemongrass & hyaluronic acid which help to boost natural lip colour, plumpness and fullness as well as keeping them supple and healthy.

full lips without injections

I applied the product over my lipstick as suggested, I just feel during this season there are too many beautiful shades that you don't get the opportunity to wear any other time of the year so to opt for a natural lip colour with gloss was just too fresh & summery for me.

The formula smells lovely, like honey & lemon. When you apply it, it feels really thick and sticky which was good to keep control of where the product was being placed. I must admit you don't need much of it, in fact, I'd actually say be careful how much you apply because if it drips on to the skin on your chin it can make it feel a little irritated.


Almost instantly after applying you can actually feel the product working. I can only describe it as a sort of nipping & tingling sensation but not uncomfortable in the slightest. This feeling does wear off after about 2-3 minutes.
how to get big lips like Kylie

Big lips

The product definitely gave my lips a much fuller appearance. The usual little lines and creases I find on my lips were completely gone and my lips looked and felt significantly plumped as you will see from the photos. The effects of the gloss lasted for a few hours before I had to reapply which I thought was pretty good going considering I'd been out & had a few hot drinks. 

The only thing I could say I didn't enjoy about this product was that the wind kept blowing my hair into it while I was out shopping which was really annoying however that is hardly a criticism of the product itself as this would naturally happen with any gloss. Note to self : wear hair up next time! Another thing would be that Ella kisses were off limits, in fact, so were Fraser kisses... so beware of the mistletoe location when you're wearing this because not everyone wants lip filler effect!

This being said, I feel that the pros faaaar outweigh the cons I have listed and this product has definitely delivered on it's claims. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve a fuller lip but does not want to go to the extent of having fillers. This gives you a short term result of the desired look and at just a fraction of the cost!

  1. I've not tried this specific product but have similar ones! I really like the tingly feeling it gives my lips hehe! And the plumper look of course :p
    Love, Maisie x

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