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Monday, 9 January 2017
how to get rid of stretch marks
As many of you know, pregnancy totally takes its toll on your body. Creating a baby is not only hard work but it is also a dramatic change at fast rate for your skin. That's why it's super important to make sure you develop a new skincare routine when you're expecting so you can keep your blossoming bump looking beautiful & your skin feeling healthy.

Taking the time to pamper yourself is one of the few luxuries you can indulge in when you're pregnant. It beats the heartburn and complaints of swollen feet that's for sure! That's where the beautiful mother and baby skincare range baby Bloom and Blossom comes in. Made in the UK with carefully selected active ingredients, their mantra is minimal ingredients for maximum results!

For the past while in this pregnancy I have been completely craving a 'spa smell' don't ask me exactly what that means but all I know is when I opened the package from Bloom & Blossom it had that much sought after fragrance. It's a very natural, non synthetic scent much like what you experience in an aromatherapy type of treatment. The products I'm using are satisfying that little craving twice daily!

I've been using a combination of 2 of Bloom & Blossom's best sellers: Anti-Stretch Mark Cream (£24) & Mother and Baby Oil (£16)

Mother & Baby Oil

After I've washed I dry off and apply the oil first. I find that after a lovely warm shower it's really the best time to apply this as my pores feel open and ready to soak in moisture. I warm the oil in my hands and apply liberally all over my bump, thighs & chest as these are stretch mark prone areas. You can obviously use it all over however these are the areas I like to focus on most. It is made from a blend of 100% natural plant oils including camomile flower oil & lavender oil that both offer a calming and tranquil pampering experience as well as highly moisturising properties for your ever expanding bump. Although it's an oil, I was so pleasantly surprised at how highly absorbent it is and that it doesn't leave a greasy residue like most bump oils, or oils in general for that matter. I love that I can also introduce this to baby's bath time routine when he makes his arrival. The scent of lavender will be sure to send him off into a peaceful night's rest.

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 Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

It is not long after applying the oil that I then use the multi-award winning Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. A few pumps of this amazing lotion really does go a long way! It's a thick luxurious cream that not only maintains skins elasticity during a time when it is under immense pressure but it also has a firming property that will prove useful in post partum skincare too. I love the mattifying effect it gives the skin, I find when I apply it before taking bump progress photographs it really helps to conceal any skin blemishes and makes for perfect pictures!

anti stretch mark cream

The combination of both of these products works really well together and lasts all day. I tend to apply both in the morning and before bedtime. It's a very simple routine that only takes 5 minutes to complete. Afterwards I am left feeling fresh, rejuvenated & comfortable knowing that I am looking after my skin through this massive transformation.

Bloom & Blossom are a very well established business set up by sister-in-laws and mummys Christina & Julia who identified a gap in the market for good quality antenatal skincare. It's such a massive part of the changes your body goes through as you prepare for motherhood and that should be cared for as well as celebrated! The company prides themselves in producing UK made products free from animal testing containing maximum levels of active ingredients - all of which contain no parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or colourants. 

They are completely safe for babies from day 1 and can be used by expectant mothers from the beginning to the end of pregnancy (and beyond).

The Bloom & Blossom range can be found within many reputable retailers such as Mamas & Papas as well as their own e-store at If you're expecting and looking for the ideal range of pregnancy skincare have a look at the extensive range that is available. The Mother-to-be set would make the ideal gift for someone special you know who is expecting or even for a beautiful baby shower gift. The packaging is so elegant and made from 100% recyclable materials too - it's sure to make any new mummy delighted!

I'm really looking forward to trying out the beautiful baby balm too on my little one when he makes his arrival. I've already used a little on Ella's sore cheeks this winter and it's made a huge difference overnight in the colour of texture of her chapped skin. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with these little luxury items. I will be taking them into hospital with me and making them a part of my post partum skincare routine as I try to get my skin and tummy back into shape which I imagine may be challenging considering this is my 2nd pregnancy in 2 years, however I can only hope that the positive experiences I've had using this duo will continue after I've given birth too!

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