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Wednesday 18 January 2017
best steam steriliser review

As a new mummy with Ella, one of the things that used to completely baffle me about the sterilisation process with baby bottles was the drying afterwards. It always seemed so odd to me that you would clean the dirty bottles, pop them in the sterilising unit and then once the cycle was complete you'd take the bottles and dry off all of the condensation that gathers when they're being steamed, whether it's with a dish towel or paper kitchen roll.

I don't want to come across like I'm a crazy germaphobe because I believe your home should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. However, that being said, it is certainly a different story when it comes to the safety of a new baby where extra vigilance is imperative! I could just never understand why you would take a 99.9% germ free bottle and dry it with something that although could be clean, may not be entirely sterile. That's where Nuby have found a gap in the market and designed the first bottle steriliser that comes with a built in bottle drying function too, taking you from non sterile to ready-to-use in as little as 15 minutes. 

The Nuby Natural Touch Electric Steam Steriliser and Dryer is a sleek product that comes in a choice of 2 sensible colour options, Black or White. The unit is slim but also substantial in terms of how much it can hold making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing too to fit into your home. 

How it works

You can watch my unboxing and assembly video on my YouTube channel (see link below) which will show you how to put the steriliser pieces together and where to fill the water to. There is also an initial power button to turn the machine on which may be mistaken for the button on the front centre however it is located on the left hand side of the product and the centre button is simply used to change the programme selected. The electric unit has 3 options all of which include a very quick & efficient 5 minute sterilisation process. By pressing on the centre button downwards you can select which cycle you'd like to use.

1. 5 Minute Sterilisation. This function works purely as a steriliser without the option for drying just like the other bottle sterilisers on the market.

2. Quick Dry. This includes the 5 minute sterilisation process as above plus 10 minutes of drying time which may leave a little residue on the bottle but makes for a quick cycle under time restraints.

3. Super Dry. This function includes the 5 minute sterilisation process but with an additional 25 minutes of drying time which leaves your bottle completely dry to touch when complete.

When the your selected cycle is highlighted you simply press & hold the same middle button down until you hear the beep and the steriliser will now begin the programme.

Breastfeeding Benefits

I'm hopefully going to be breastfeeding Charlie as I did with Ella so I was so delighted to see the huge basin inside where I can put my breast pump and pieces in to easily clean, sterilise and dry them for the next time I need them. If any of you have breastfed before or expressed milk you'll understand when I say the stuff is like liquid gold! You do not want to waste a drop nor do you want to have it diluted with any condensation from the bottle you're expressing into as breast milk is thin enough as it is! The fact that this device will dry the equipment completely makes such a difference to the expressing experience and also saves such a tricky job for mummy's when we simply do not have the time to try and dry the pump off before using it again.

It's also extremely difficult to find a sterilising unit that will accommodate for the size of a breast pump so Nuby have definitely succeeded in allowing for a sizeable basin to fit the sometimes irregular shapes of breast pumps. 

My 1st Impressions

After putting on a full Super Dry 30 minute cycle I was so surprised at how little noise the drying function made. It's really just like white noise which is hardly a disturbing sound, in fact I may find myself placing baby in front of it to get him to sleep when he is here!! Once the cycle was complete I was expecting to see slight water residue and was astounded to see that all of the bottles teats and lids were completely bone dry and a safe temperature to touch. 99.9% of bacteria is killed using the natural steam sterilisation process which means no chemicals are required and it is compatible with all bottle brands, not just ones available from Nuby. In the box you'll also find a NEW Nûby Natural Touch 360˚Bottle & ÛberSoother Pacifier. This product also comes with a very reasonable price tag of RRP £60 which when compared to outdated products on the highstreet that purely offer a sterilisation process and more often than not at much longer cycle time normally costing you around £40 seems like even more of a bargain. You'll most definitely see your value for money with your steriliser as it is something you use every single day as a new parent. I'm looking forward to making this one part of our bottle making routine!


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