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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

I can't believe the time has come to share with you what I have in my hospital bag! This has been the fastest pregnancy ever and usually at this point everything seems to slow down a little as your impending due date nears, it almost seems to get further from reach. Not this time! I'm now 37 weeks which means I'm full term, although I'd be quite happy if he cooked away a little longer so I can make sure I'm super prepared, my bags are packed and waiting so without further ado I will show you a breakdown of what you need to take into hospital for labour and baby.

I will be packing my items for baby & labour in my KeriKit 'Joy' changing backpack in black. You can use the code MAMAKERIKIT10 for 10% off on across their full range of real leather changing bags.


in fairness, there isn't a whole lot you need to take in for you little cherub. As I mentioned in my video, you really don't have to take in your own nappies and wipes but I just prefer to use my own things. I've packed :

3x vests
2x sleep suits (magnet mouse sleep suit can be purchased HERE!)
Coming home outfit 
Hat (MiLoves hat can be purchased HERE!)
Water wipes


For labour I liked to wear a soft large t-shirt style nightie. I picked mine up from Primark along with high rise, seam free, incredibly glamorous pants and some socks because your tootsies get pretty chilly in labour! I'd say having your hair tied back is a must so make sure you can take something like a hair clip that is foolproof for your partner to make an attempt at putting it up for you in case you're otherwise preoccupied - chances are you will be! A water bottle with a straw is sooooo useful. You can take little sips at a time while you partner holds the bottle for you.

Pants (think Bridget Jones style)
Soft bra/nursing bra if you're planning to breastfeed
Hair bobbles
Hair clip
Lip balm
Maternity pad
Breast pads
Cooling spray (optional)
Chewing gum/mints
Nipple cream
Lip balm
Bottle for water

Recovery & Going Home

After you've given birth you'll just want to live in Pj's or something similarly as comfortable. I've packed 2 sets of pyjamas which is plenty. Remember your partner has to go home each evening so if you're unexpectedly asked to stay in hospital they can collect you some more and bring them in on their next visit. I'll list all of the toiletries and other items you need below. In terms of a coming home outfit make sure it's something comfortable. I'm taking a loose fitting dress and stretchy tights with boots and my coat.

2x Pj's
2x pants
2x bras
2x socks
light dressing gown
maternity pads
breast pads
camera & charger
make up bag

Face wipes
Bump cream - (you can purchase Bloom & Blossom award winning anti-stretchmark cream HERE!)
Shaving foam
Dry Shampoo
Body wash
Shower puff

For a more in depth explanation of what I think you need in your hospital bag you can watch my full video on my channel below!

15 comments on "WHAT'S IN MY HOSPITAL BAG?"
  1. Great post! I would add one more thing though and I never thought I would be saying it but they are bloody amazing for the first 2 days after birth! Disposable knickers! Yes they are the ugliest things but my god are they worth it! 😊

  2. That little outfit is the sweetest thing!! I swear everything I packed in my hospital bag was absolutely useless, they had me in and out in a few hours, I never even had a chance to change out of the outfit I'd walked into the hospital in...

  3. How sweet! It feels like forever ago that I packed my hospital bag!! :(

  4. Sounds like you're ontop of everything and have it all. I was in hospital 8 days and ended up needing more than I thought!

  5. Great post Ash! You're so organised and def have everything you need! :)

    1. You'll be on standby for any more essentials lol xx

  6. I agree with the Bridget Jones style pants, they are a must! What a fantastic list! x

  7. Great post, I'm NEARLY there with my hospital bag, so I'm going to double check I've got everything against your list too :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  8. I've pretty much packed the same things as yourself! I just hope we don't end up having to stay in too long! You must be due just after me I think? I'm due 25/01 eek! I hope everything goes wonderfully when the time comes for you lovely! xx

  9. Eeek, I remember packing and re-packing my hospital bag so many times when I was pregnant with my eldest. I wanted to be sure I had everything. In the end my labour was so quick that it never left the car boot! Second time around I packed a very basic hospital bag as I had a planned homebirth. It looks like you've got everything covered. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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