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Monday 27 February 2017

luxury candles
I love nothing more than a tidy home & some fresh candles burning - it brings me such a sense of calm and order knowing that things are in their place and I'm able to enjoy my space with gorgeous scents filling the air. It's so important to me that our home smells cosy and inviting to any visitors as this is the first impression when someone walks through the door. I kind of have a thing about house smells. I reckon I could be blindfolded and put into the homes of different close friends and family and know exactly where I am. I find it so distinctive. There's something really memory evoking about the scent of my mum & dad's house, the same for my grandparents' house too. I'd like to think this is the case for when they come visit us too. 

Whether it's candles, diffusers or wax melts (which I've only recently discovered but I'm loving!) I'm completely obsessed. I'm known to have them burning at anytime of the day and in every room - If anyone was ever looking for the ideal gift for me a candle would be right up there! I can't say that it would last for very long but I do adore a new candle. There's nothing nicer .

valentines day gift guide

I recently discovered a small family company close to me in Glasgow, Scotland called Candelle & Co who specialise in bespoke, hand poured soy wax candles, reed diffusers & wax melts. All of their fragrances are developed in a small studio where they print their own packaging too, making the end to end process completely organic. 

Being a complete sucker for beautiful packaging, I couldn't help but fall in love with Candelle & Co's simplistic monochrome vibe - something that wouldn't look out of place in a Scandinavian set up. This, teamed with the huge list of bespoke fragrances to choose from (here!) you're truly spoiled for choice. As you can see, each order comes beautifully gift packaged in a white box with tissue giving you a feeling of a high end, luxury product - ideal gift idea, especially with Valentines Day just around the corner. 
centrepiece arrangement

I was so surprised with just how long the wax melts last for! Thankfully, I took the advice to break the tart into quarters and burn just 1/4 at a time - even then it's lasting forever which is just as well considering the rate I go through them usually! At the moment I'm using Mojito Twist which has a really fresh scent of lime making it the perfect winter - spring transitional smell. I really love burning this one in the kitchen as it definitely makes it feel clean and bright.

At night I have been burning my Mrs Fabulous wooden wick candle. I love that this packaging doesn't show the amount you have left because the white glass jar is opaque, that's normally a pet peeve of mine as I think it looks really messy and untidy when you can see the candle going down in size. 

There's something really lovely about supporting local businesses and with a broad range like Candelle & Co have to offer, with such a helpful customer support team and high end packaging standards why would you ever want to buy one on the high street again ?

Check out and treat your home to a new scent it deserves! (they have a sale on too so hurry while stock lasts!)

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