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Monday 20 March 2017
sleepyhead of sweden review
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Sleep, or lack of, is a hot topic when it comes to parenting so it's no surprise that the market is saturated with products claiming to give you that peaceful nights sleep you've been dreaming about -more specifically daydreaming, actual dreaming would involve sleep... which we are not getting right now, remember?

The power of social media can influence the perceived effectiveness of baby products. We have all been witness to babies blissfully sleeping in cribs, sleep aids, miracle performing swaddles and so on online which more often than not it is contrived for marketing purposes and there we are, falling for it hook line & sinker.

This is what I thought I was going to categorise the 'Sleepyhead of Sweden' into - the 'Instagram made me buy it' file with all of the other nonsense that I purchased when I became a mum for the first time with Ella. Of course it looks beautiful & more importantly it looks comfortable for my baby, but is it really worth the £110 price tag? It seems a bit steep for 'just a pillow'.

My intrigue for this product grew throughout my pregnancy as I felt I could never escape it. Pinterest worthy photos of dreaming babes, rave reviews & happy mummies - it all seemed too good to be true! So when I was given the opportunity to find out what I thought for myself, I grabbed it with both hands.

What is it?

So what is the Sleepyhead? It's a snug pod made from breathable materials said to 'reinvent the womb' to give your baby a sense of safeness and security. The thick bumper around the side of the pod helps to reduce startle reflex. When babies feel too much space around them like they would do in a crib or moses basket as a newborn they often get a fright and shoot their arms and legs out and this wakes them. The sleepyhead provides the same sensation of being held so your baby is less likely to suffer from startle reflex and sleep for longer - win!

My Experience

When the product arrived I was impressed that it came in a protective cover/carry case, ideal for us since our baby, Charlie wasn't due for another few months and this kept it safe in storage.

Charlie is 6 weeks old and has been using his Sleepyhead since birth. We use it inside his bedside crib which really helps to pad out all of that extra space that he isn't filling right now. Considering Charlie is breastfed, he only usually wakes once during the night. We go to bed at around 10.30pm when I will give him his last feed and then he will wake at around 4am. We completely put this down to the effectiveness of the Sleepyhead because he is so comfortable, content and probably so unaware that he isn't being held anymore!

sleepyhead pod review

What I love about the Sleepyhead

There are so many more features that I love about the Sleepyhead.

It's portable. Ella is still in a travel cot when we stay overnight at my Mum's house so the thought of having to assemble 2 of them then find somewhere for them to sit would be a nightmare. Whenever I go to stay there I just take the Sleepyhead pod and put it in the bed beside me - it's great! There's also a carry handle at the top so when I'm making my trip from the car ladened down with 2 babies, a dog, a changing bag and an overnight bag I have a handle to loop on to a free part of my body!!

I also love the range of covers you can get it in, there's something to suit everyone. I opted for the classic white option because I thought this would work well for photos to get a nice simple background. The cover itself is such good quality. Charlie has been sick and weed all over his a few time now - it washes well and dries so fast. The only complaint I have is that the cover isn't the easiest to get back on again. We have the hang of it now but the first few attempts it was quite frustrating to get the cushion to fit and close the zip but I suppose this is due to the nature of the design, to feel snug and cosy.

How long does it last?

The Sleepyhead deluxe goes from 0-8months but there's also a next stage called the Sleepyhead Grande which is for 8-36months, I would love to get that one as he grows. We will be transitioning Ella from cot to toddler bed soon, something that I am really anxious about, primarily because I'm scared she will fall out and hurt herself so I think to help with this process we will need to look at the Grande for her.

Overall I am so impressed with this product and so glad that it wasn't just a fad! Not only is it sleek and luxurious looking but it actually lives up to it's dreamy sleep claims. If you're thinking about getting a Sleepyhead or are having a baby and haven't heard of them before then I would get it to the top of your present list because it's something we just couldn't live without now!

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