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Friday 31 March 2017
smartrike recliner infinity 5 in 1 review

As a dog owning family, trips outdoors for walks and park time adventures are an all too frequent occurrence, and although Ella is great on her feet she would never be able to keep up a decent pace with us without the use of her buggy. We are fortunate that she never puts up much of a protest to go in it but with that being said it does sometimes feel like a bit of an ordeal to take a big pram out for a short walk down to our local park.

We were looking for something to help with this transition from toddling to confident walks to the park but knew that inevitably she would get to a stage where she would end up cycling or using a scooter as her little mode of transport and that's where the SmarTrike Infinity 5-in-1 trike came in.

With the ability to take little ones on board from 10 months up to 3 years, we knew the SmarTrike was going to be a worthwhile addition to our home and I wasn't disappointed. It's impressive design allows it to adapt as your baby grows as it starts as a stroller and ultimately transforms into your child's first trike, which I can only imagine makes the start of learning to cycle less daunting as it's such a familiar product to them.

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive when I started to unbox the SmarTrike and I seen how many parts there was to it, however after methodically looking at the photo instructions I soon realised how easy it was to assemble and was completely finished in less than 15minutes, which is pretty good going for a DIY amateur like myself.

The trike has 5 modes which includes the ability to recline to accommodate younger children particular during sleep times. There are handy foot rests the pop out from the sides of the central body of the trike and conveniently tuck away again as though they are part of the design when the child starts to use the foot pedals.

My favourite part about this SmarTrike is how plush the fabric feels. The super padded seat unit and canopy makes for a smooth, comfortable ride and also coordinates perfectly with the storage bag and handy pocket pouch located on the parent bar. I find the attention to detail with the storage fantastic as I have enough space to pack food, nappies, wipes, a spare coat etc in the bag as well as having a more convenient zipped wallet style pocket on the parent bar where I store my phone, keys money, hand sanitiser & doggy bags.

Since I'm often on my own & have had to learn the trick of walking a dog and pushing a stroller, I didn't know how easy this was going to fair with the SmarTrike but thanks to it's patented 'Touch Steering Technology' this was a breeze. I'm also pleasantly surprised with just how well made and sturdy the SmarTrike is despite it being so lightweight!

Ella has certainly enjoyed using it and we have had such joy watching her. She especially loves the little cup holder on the front so she can easily access her water & it seems she has been using her travel time to make all of her important calls as she plays with the phone attached to the front, a nice feature to keep kiddies entertained.

I'm looking forward to the good weather coming in as unfortunately living in Glasgow, Scotland we are not lucky enough to have dry days too often.

Have any of you used the SmarTrike range ? What are your thoughts?

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