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Monday, 17 April 2017

Do you ever get a product and think this won't be that great and then when you actually use it you wonder what you ever did without it? That's the way I feel about the Mee Light.

Being a blogger I'm offered the opportunity to review products all of the time. Some that I don't even mention on my blog because they're just not even worth the time of a blog post to say how terrible they are. Plus I'm of the opinion that everyone is different & I would never cause a company repetitional damage just because I had a poor experience with something. I will be honest, I thought this would fall into that category, gifted away because it's no use. I know how much you value my opinion on things and as much as I would be completely transparent about the pros and cons about something, if I can't find anything nice to say then I won't say anything at all. It's a concept I've been brought up by. I love being able to try out products and tell you what I think and bring you solutions to common mummy issues. 

The Mee Light is the simplest and effective baby product I've used. Charlie, as you will know, is still breastfeeding. This means that he is still up every night to feed. Although we are now in Spring, the 'wee' hours in Scotland are still pitch black and therefore I need to turn on the light to feed Charlie. Fraser works shifts and I hate the thought of disturbing him during the night, the way I see it is at least one of us is entitled to a full night's rest, especially when he works crazy hours. 

We have wall lights and beside lamps. The beside lamps are too bright to turn on but our wall lights above our headboard are on a dimable switch so we can have them down low for night feeds. This is all very well but often the sound of the switch being turned on can unsettle Ella and wake her during the night, especially when she's at her light stage of sleep around 5/6am. I used to use my phone light to see charlie but it was too bright and even with the brightness level down it would time out and mean that I was doing everything singlehandedly too. 

The MeeLight attaches to your clothes offering a handsfree experience which is essential I'd say, especially since I already feel like I need another arm anyway when I've got a baby! It projects soft light on to the area you need to see and has 3 different levels of light setting. Not only this but if you're like me and tend to fall asleep when you're feeding then it has a 15 minute automatic timer that switches off to save battery life. The charging unit is neat and minimalist, as it the design of the light. Because it can stand alone too I often switch it on to go to the loo during the night too so I don't wake up the whole house with a bright light.

As I said before, it's a product I thought I'd never use but now, I wouldn't be without it! Worth it's weight in gold.

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  1. this would attract mostly new mothers I had no idea about the capabilities of mee light I know a coupleof mothers who could use this kind of help thanks for sharing this


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