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Sunday 30 April 2017
mamas and papas new store the fort glasgow

Becoming a parent is such an exciting, momentous time. There's so much to plan and look forward to. In as much as it is a joyous time it can also be so stressful too. Hormones are flooding in and it seems there are a million things on your never ending to-do list. Couple this with the saturated market  of baby products and you've got a mind field for new parents to rally through before the arrival of their little one. It's almost like an expectation that because you made a child you're supposed to know exactly what you need to buy and how you are supposed to use it. That couldn't be further from the truth. It was a revelation to see that the market leaders Mamas & Papas just 'get it' from the launch of their new store in the Glasgow Fort shopping centre.

I was invited along to the launch of what can only be described as an innovation in the consumer buying experience. The new store has mapped out each area of a new parent's 'to-do' list into easily digestible store segments removing that overwhelming feeling of being faced by a mass array of baby gadgets and not having a clue what you're looking for, something that is often experienced in that of their competitors.

At the impressive, modern entrance I was greeting by a friendly member of staff, a pertinent moment of the day I feel as I was welcomed inside and given the offer of help, should I need it at any point. In true Mamas and Papas style there was no expense spared and I was given a goodie bag, just like those who entered the store at the same time. It contained a couple of Bloom & Blossom samples (my fav!) as well as a vest, bib, information leaflets and a cute bunny rattle which Charlie just adores!
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At the forefront of the store there's an extensive selection of the most beautiful and tasteful baby clothes split into gender sections as well as a central pod of neutrals. Mamas & Papas always get it right when it comes to their clothing. As most of you will well know if you follow my instagram (here) I dress both Ella and Charlie in a lot of their range. The colour hues are always perfect and the styles are so well crafted, I feel like I'm always getting quality value for money. One of my favourite things about shopping with Mamas & Papas is their transparency, I never feel like I'm being tricked into spending too much on something because even if you buy something, wear it and it goes into sale a week later you can just ask for the difference back in cash or on your card & they refund it without a quibble! What other stores do you know that would do that?! AMAZING. And as a result they get my custom time & time again.

Beyond the clothing section the store splits by a walkway into two parts. One side is Nursery/Home decor filled with bedding, nursery furniture, pillows, decorative pieces, wallpaper and everything else you would need to decorate a baby room. I loved their little cloud floating shelves for Charlie's nursery as I have a bit of a cloud theme so far so I'll be making a trip back to get those before I film the much requested Nursery Tour on my YouTube Channel. There's also really handy themes to stick to if you're unsure on how to style pieces together. You'll be able to find furniture, bedding & accessories such as lamp shades and curtains all in your chosen theme making it easy for even the most novice of interior designers! The natural colour schemes are cleverly selected to ensure you're going to obtain a timeless design in your baby's room, each of the themes also come with a co-ordinating sleep bag that you can buy too.

An 'easy to compare' electronics and gadgets section is in this area too, showcasing the newest products to the market making sure you're up to date with changes in technology. This is next to the bath time area where there are a few bath aids to chose from as well as some gentle products and essentials such as towels etc.

Moving on theres a feeding station showcasing the most beautiful highchair range available in store. This is a spacious are where parents to be can manoeuvre the products around and play around with how to assemble parts together. This ultimately helps new parents make an informed decision because I know myself that time & time again I have found I've bought items without a run through and it's not until I've got home and tried them out that I realise they're not fit for my needs.

One of the features of the store that I love are how many rest areas they have. This was ideal for me as I needed to feed Charlie often and need a seat initially to do so but I'm sure these were designed for the tired out husbands in mind when their pregnant better half can't make a decision on which colour scheme to go for!!

Located at the rear of the shop was what can only be described as a car show room of travel systems. Cleverly coordinated in muted tones sat an assembly of unified branded strollers all shapes, sizes and levels of affordability. I really love that Mamas and Papas have recognised the importance of presenting their strollers as a blank canvas and rather than having crazy tester colours in their pushchairs, most were grey, black, navy or sage, allowing the customer to see past the colour and look at the functionality of their potential pram. There was a spacious area of floor room where customers can take their prams for a test drive if you will so they can get the feeling for the product which I know is the case in most stores but where Mamas and Papas stands out is that they have a Mini Cooper car in the back of the store so you can have a demonstration of how to assemble your pushchair and how to put it back down again and into your car boot. This is such an important part of the shopping experience for new parents as I feel it eliminates the stress of just buying it and having to work it all out at home yourselves. Not only that but the car is also used as a demonstration for how to fit an isofix base and how to correctly strap in a carseat if you've opted out of an isofix. This is such a sensible move from the store as it helps minimise the chance of an accident.

And like all stores of this nature should do, there's also something to entertain the kids. Standing on a platform starts the screen moving and a whole load of woodland creatures appear. If they stand for long enough it reveals your childs height and weight making it functional for selecting a car seat or pushchair for the height and weight restrictions but also a fun distraction for the kids to enjoy while you're on your shopping journey.

If all of these combined factors don't make for a calm in-store experience then you can always opt for a personal shopper. There's a separate area for this too where you can have a consultation and discuss price budgets and preferences.

Next to a spacious cash desk is a host of fun 'playtime' mats and toys for babies of all stages, along with cards and other special gift choices. The gift wrapping service is also available giving that unique touch to a carefully chosen present.

Overall I came away feeling like I'd just been in a Flagship store for the brand. They really didn't leave any stone unturned. I was so utterly impressed that I returned for another visit the very next day with my mum to help her buy a baby gift and to buy all of the things for Ella & Charlie that I couldn't stop thinking about when I got home from the launch day. Expect a haul on my YouTube channel soon with all of the lovely bits I picked up, they had 25% off so how could I resist?!

  1. the store is like another heaven. I just love the interior of the store and the name of the store is Lovely. I really like the idea.

  2. Such a wonderful blog man and I agree become a patent is really a great feeling for one. And I can tell that you are really enjoying this stage of life at fullest. Great Job.

  3. The store sure seems to be a one-stop shop for all types of parenting needs. Also enjoyed your review of the store and its products. I’ve also bought a baby crib from the Mamas and Papas store in our area. It’s a gift for my niece as we are celebrating her first birthday this week at one of the amazing event venues.

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