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Wednesday 17 May 2017

I'm not going to lie, bed time hasn't been the easiest recently. I don't know whether it's the on set on terrible twos or if Ella just feels a little left out since Charlie is still sitting downstairs with us when she goes to bed. We are trying to settle things down and get back on track as bed time has never been an issue for us with Ella, I accredit this to the fact we did controlled crying from around 6 months with her and it worked a treat.

In a bid to try and make her own bed a more appealing place we have tried using new blankets (Ella's special 'blank' as she calls it), regressing slightly by giving her a bedtime bottle and reading a multitude of stories before she falls asleep. Admittedly all of these attempts have failed and call me a bad parent but I've had to leave her crying herself to sleep because otherwise she'd be up all night. It's really awful. It makes me feel like a failure, Fraser & I sometimes come to disagree because we are frustrated and all the while we have got a little baby to watch too. It's just a terrible combination. I often but it down to being lucky in all other aspects of the day & this is just my deserved dose of bad behaviour because it's only fair.

Although this is only a recent issue, maybe the past 4 weeks, it hasn't really translated to overnight stays at my mums house. My mum has her own bed time routine with Ella where she puts her to bed and uses her Sonos Music System (basically speakers integrated into her ceiling and operated by a base unit) to play lullabies and this really works to send her off to sleep. 

We looked into doing the same in our house and it was going to cost a fortune. We often thought about leaving our phones/tablets in the room too but then notifications from social media or if I have to do a little bit of work meant that wasn't the best option. Plus it would also involve having to go back later to take it out and risk waking her up - not one I was willing to take! 

Then I seen the Zazu Music Box and thought we'd found a cheap solution! We opted to get Zoe the Penguin, a cute little speaker that connects via bluetooth to your smartphone and plays your music. It's even compatible with your spotify playlists so you can create your own or use the handy pre-made Zazu Night Time playlist. 

If you're out and about you can take Zoe the penguin on the go and it even has an attachment to clip on to your pushchair meaning you won't lose it. The speaker has some pre-programmed music too including white noise, heartbeat, birds tweeting and many more. Ella's favourite is the lullaby which we have been playing for her the past few nap times/bed times and although there may be a few tears and tantrums, they're short lived!

The speaker also has volume control which I love! Most of these products only have one setting whereas at least you can turn this up and down dependant on the setting you're looking to accommodate. It works wirelessly and the battery life lasts forever. We haven't had to charge it in the week that we have used it and Ella has also been playing with it outwith napping.

I'm glad to see a product that  has actually adapted with the changes in technology and can fit in with a modern lifestyle but more than that I love that it may have brought us a solution to a stressful bedtime!



Monday 15 May 2017
Park lives glasgow
We all know how expensive it can be trying to entertain the family. I often find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to organising a day out for us and the kids. I want to save cash because lets face it, maternity leave can run away with you and at the same time I argue the point to myself that these days are limited and we have to make the most of them. Although I usually find a free day at the park with a picnic as fun as an expensive trip to the zoo & lunch, sometimes you need a bit of variety to break the routine a little which is exactly what Park Lives from Coca Cola has been designed to do.

Park Lives have teamed up with councils from across the country to offer fun, free activities for you & your family to enjoy outside in your local area. There's a such a wide variety to choose from to suit all ages including Baby Yoga, Karate, Running and even Tennis. But what really caught my eye was the 'Buggy up' fitness class which I decided to go to at the weekend.

Glasgow mum and toddlers

I've always longed for such a class in Glasgow, it's something that's popular in the states and more notably with celebrities who have just had their babies. It also eliminates the excuse of 'I can't go to the gym, who's looking after the baby?' because with them in tow you can go and meet other like minded mums who are no doubt at the same level of fitness given that they are also in the post partum days.

I used the handy Activity Finder on the Park Lives website to find the nearest class. Luckily for me there was space at the Saturday Morning class at Bellahouston Park. So with both kiddies and the pram at the ready, I headed off for the 10AM start.
glasgow mum blogger

I was greeted by one of the lovely 'Park Lives' team leaders who was easy to spot in the branded T-shirt. She was so lovely and told me that she was actually a midwife come fitness instructor meaning I was in safe hands with a professional. The heavens were open but that didn't stop me or the other 2 girls who were both pregnant with 9 weeks to go! How amazing?! 

buggy fitness class

We did a nice stretch to warm up and then went for a jog. Making the most of the park surroundings we also did some drills up and down stairs and press-ups against the walls. 

mum and baby fitness class

The benches made for the perfect spot to do tricep dips and in-between each station of exercise we made our way around the park. power walking and jogging.

Coca Cola park lives

uppababy vista

running class

In the park there is also a gym area where we rotated stations for 3 sets. It was tough going considering it was just using your own body weight!

how to lose baby weight glasgow

postpartum body

I didn't think I'd be able to pack in SO much to an hour! The weather, like it is most of the time in Scotland, was miserable but there was something really refreshing about getting soaked to the skin when we were working out. In saying that, it would have been amazing to have enjoyed the class in the sunshine we had last week too! 
mother and baby class glasgow

I'm planning to go to lots more of these free classes, the next on my list is Baby Yoga. If you're a mum, mum-to-be or know someone who is then be sure to let them know about Park Lives. It's open to everyone of all ages so have a look on the website to see if there's something you'd like to take part in. It's the perfect day filler for those dreaded long days during summer holiday and also a great chance for you to try something new. Remember, it's completely FREE so get yourself involved at
buggy up bellahouston park

*this post is sponsored by CocaCola


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