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Monday, 7 August 2017
I'm a great believer in allowing your child some TV time. I feel that this along with active learning has provided Ella with a stimulus for discovery and for her imagination to flourish. Now that Charlie's attic nursery is almost complete, we have decided to add a TV into the space to give them both an area to spend time together watching movies & shows.

All seemed straight forward until we stumbled upon the difficulty of connections, TV packages and more importantly the cost to add another room to our current bundle. It was all really complicated and ultimately super expensive. But what good was a TV without any shows? None really.

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do and although I knew we had the option to watch DVDs through the little TV we chose, I also know all too well how my child's mind changes like the weather never mind the faff associated with storing DVDs or making sure the toddler doesn't scratch, eat or use said discs as Barbie's fancy new dinner plate. My vision of a little movie hideaway in the nursery was feeling out of reach until I was offered the opportunity try the NOW TV Kids Pass & it's like it covered all bases.

The smartly compact box with it's own handy remote was the solution we were looking for. It connects through one HDMI cable, runs through your home broadband (wirelessly - yay!) and that's pretty much it! Fuss-free, effective & so user friendly. It's opened our extra little attic telly into hours of fun with a huge variety of 1000s of choices on the library. Not only are there so many amazing shows to choose from, the big name favourites are on the NOW TV Kids Pass. Massively popular shows like, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and so many more. You'll be guaranteed to come across some notable character in the huge selection of awesome shows! I think this is great because it means easily distracted children, like my own, can move on to something fresh when they exhaust their current favourite!

After connecting the box it prompted me to sign up for a NOWTV account. As soon as I see/hear 'open an account' for me, naturally, alarm bells start ringing. (Is that just me or anyone else?) But rest assured, this isn't conventional monthly subscription as you are not tied to any contract and for just £2.99 (yes, less than £3 a month) you have a complete array of programmes and movies through the NOW TV Kids Pass to allow your littles to explore. I couldn't believe it was going be cost less than £1 a week to keep my little ones entertained! It's such incredible value for money and the best deal I've seen!

What I love most, other than the vast selection of choice, is the parental controls on the box. I have complete piece of mind knowing that the information and programmes shown on screen are going to be age appropriate, even if Ella gets hold of the remote and tries to start navigating herself, which is super easy to do with the simple design and set-up. This would also come in handy if you take advantage of the NOW TV Entertainment Pass which is more geared towards teens & adults. The kids On Demand content has no ads - hurrah! This is most pleasing for my impatient 2 year old who is only too keen to skip these on other social platforms!

The NOW TV Kids Pass is home to a number of favourites like Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol and so many more! For us, it's actually cheaper to cancel these from our main TV and Broadband package and simply have them through our NOW TV box - it's a no brainer!

We spent a rainy Sunday afternoon watching Dora the Explorer & The Gruffalo. Ella loved looking at the huge list of shows to choose from and selecting her favourite. It gave me some much-needed quiet time to tidy the room and put away some laundry before I joined in on a snuggle & chilled out too.

Not only is the NOWTV Box + Kids Pass the ideal solution for additional rooms, it's also easily transferable to the main TV in your living space as the compact box simply unplugs and can be reconnected to any TV output.

When you sign up for a NOW TV account you can enjoy a 14 day free trial. What's great is that you don't even require a box, you can simply download the app to any device and stream the fun straight to your phone/tablet. Keep the kids entertained with awesome kids TV with a NOW TV Kids Pass or grab a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for the latest must-see TV shows for the rest of the family. Visit to start watching!

*This post is sponsored by NOW TV and The Studio @ Evolve.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

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