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Wednesday, 6 February 2019
So with Valentines Day being just around the corner I bet your other half is asking you one thing ... 'We don't do cards, do we?' - Emmm, yes - yes we do! It always makes me laugh a little when the subject is broached because there's always that instant panic of what to buy, how to be thoughtful and original. I've been working with Amazon Handmade over the past year and I'm thrilled to be writing this post in collaboration with them. I've been sent some beautiful handmade and personalised items to give you an idea of the things you can get on there this Valentines to make it really special.

Amazon Handmade is equally special because it provides artisans with a place to be seen, so it's always lovely knowing that the item you purchased has been crafted with care and is helping to support a creative in doing a job they love.

I for one love all things personalised, usually so I can put my stamp on the things that are rightfully mine - like that posh moisturiser I bought on a Spa Day and use sparingly that my lovely husband decides to snaffle at every opportunity. This little wash bag with scripted name emblazoned on it is sure going to provide me with a safe hiding spot and looks pretty too! I love the size of this it's perfect for trips away, overnight stays and fits lots inside. I know I'll get good use of this and I love the canvas material it's made from it's very on-trend. Still in wedding mode I also thought these would make for cute bridesmaids bags too!
Amazon Handmade Personalised Makeup Bag by MYOG Prints, £6.95

We are all about the kids. In fact, every single time we have them watched to go out for a meal or date night all we end up doing is talking about them! (Anyone else?) So with that being said I know that anything relating to them is always going to be a hit. Being a digital world we have become all too accustomed to the technologies of a backlit photograph from our phone and tablet screens and it's lovely that we are becoming better at documenting and taking more pictures but actually having them printed is really special. Nothing beats a real photo. It took me a while as there are so many but this is my absolute favourite picture of Ella and Charlie, not because it looks cute but because this picture transports me to a memory and a happy time. I remember this day we took off to chill with the kids in the garden and enjoy the amazing Summer. We fell asleep in the garden under the parasol and had a BBQ when we woke up. We laughed, we played, we splashed in the paddling pool and each time I see it I remember what a brilliant day we had. So for that reason I picked this one to be framed and I adore the retro scrabble style lettering of the kids names too. Amazon Handmade Personalised Frame by Crafty Teapot Designs, £18.99

I remember one year we went on holiday and I watched a woman blow glass and create a beautiful vase. If you've ever seen this before you'll know how mesmerising it is. I was completely fascinated at the process and how they can introduce different colours it's pretty cool. This little vase was made like this too. I really love how dinky it is, I was looking for something to bring a little bit of colour to the room in this corner to marry in the pinks. I might even end up placing it in my office!
Amazon Handmade Posy Vase by Bath Aqua Glass, £25
If you're looking for a thoughtful gift then there are lots to be found on Amazon Handmade. Last year we got a personalised chopping board with our names and wedding date on it and we use it every day. Just some of the gifts that are available you can check out more here :

What do you do for Valentines Day?

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