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Wednesday 12 December 2018
Present purchasing, it divides us. You either love it or loath it. But regardless of whether you are practically Santas right hand man or would give the grinch a run for his money there’s something we all have in common - the desire to find the perfect gift. Personally I’ve always loved giving, thinking something through and seeing the delight in someones face when I’ve got it right it’s such a lovely exchange. I’m definitely a big believer in ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and materialistic items and overpriced junk can be picked up by anyone. It takes a little more thought to make a present a real gift.

There’s always something really special about a handmade gift knowing that it’s not factory bred and made in the masses - degree of exclusivity if you will. Even more so if the item is personalised with a message or name, thats always bound to make it unique and less conventional.

When trying to think of a present for my trickiest to buy for, I make a mental list of their interests and hobbies, funny jokes we have together or a memorable moment and then think of a way to make that personal thought into their gift. Amazon Handmade is a one-stop shop where you can find a mass of beautiful handmade items crafted by small businesses and made with love. People who are truly passionate about the work they do and deliver a little bit of happiness to each purchaser.

We have a few festive items from Amazon Handmade ourselves. Being such a huge fan of Christmas time and all of the traditions that go along with it, I’ve always made the kids a ‘Christmas Eve Box’ full of goodies and activities for the night before Christmas. As Charlie was just a baby last year he didn’t have one but this time he is set and ready to join in on the festivities. This beautiful hand crafted personalised box would make for the best early Christmas present for any little tot. The simplistic design is so timeless and I have to admit I do get a little sentimental thinking that this is the exact box I’ll be reaching for year after year to fill with happiness for my little boy. And then to think in years to come I’ll tell him he’s had it since 2018. WOW. It’s just astounding to think that the memories start here.

Similarly Ella has a stunning personalised sack for all of her Christmas presents from Santa. It adds to the wonder and magic of Christmas time to show that her name is actually on the sack. I told her it was a little present from her Elf, Buddy and she wasn’t to open it until Christmas Day. The delight on her face was a real picture.

Reading with the children has always been a real pleasure of mine, even if Charlie is still at the impatient pulling pages stage where he wants to see what happens next or otherwise he heckles me through the entire book speaking gobbledy gook louder than me to drown me out! Nevertheless we do enjoy a good story and what better story to enjoy than a story about you! Ella has a little book made up all about where she stays, stating the street name and mentioning a few familiar names thoughout. It’s such a thoughtful and unusual present to give and definitely something I’m keeping in mind for birthday presents this year too. Similarly Charlie has a beautiful one all about nursery rhymes, a bit more appropriate for his stage of development too and great since he does love a sing song.

As much as the idea of a personalised gift is so lovely for the person intended for, for me it’s also great to know that your purchase is helping to support another person achieve their dreams and channel their passion into something tangible as a career. Being a creative myself it really motivates me to shop small and stay local and that doesn’t always mean it’s offline. Amazon Handmade is an incredible platform for small shops to establish and bring beautiful handmade items to our Christmas lists with ease.

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